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A List Of Arguments Why Schools Should Ban Homework

Homework is the least favorite task for most of the students around the world. Even if they are interested in the subject and have a passion to pursue in the future, they still find homework assignments complicated, lengthy and monotonous. Most of the students tend to avoid writing their home tasks and wait for someone else to do it on their behalf. Studies show that students do not hate exams as much as they hate home-related tasks. This involves asking parents for their time and suggestions, hiring tutors, paying professional writing agencies and carrying out research to complete one assignment. Even though sometimes, home assignments are important to help students get a stronger hold of the subject, they lose their value because students have more than a few subjects to tackle with.

There has been much debate in the UK education sector about whether home assignments should be reduced or not. However, the amount of home tasks increased by 40 percent in the past few years. This leaves students exhausted and busy to do anything else or take part in other activities. Here is a list of arguments why schools should ban homework

  1. It is lengthy and time consuming
  2. It kills the creativity of the students to attempt monotonous and repetitive assignments
  3. It makes them hate school due to over burden of homework
  4. It affects their learning because they are forced to learn something, which does not let the natural tendency to learn play its part.
  5. It is problematic for parents to take time out and understand the task first and then explain it to their child
  6. It is challenging for teachers to check a large number or assignments for every student and mark each with necessary comments
  7. It leaves no free time for fun and learning
  8. Even though free time is the best time for learning and development, our current education systems have ignored this fact. A child will only find free time when he is done with home assignments or does not have any

  9. It may be a reason of dropping out of school

A group of school dropouts took a survey, most of them said that incomplete homework, and inability to turn around home assignments in time was the major reason for them dropping out of school. Teachers and school administration should understand that not all students have same capabilities and skills.