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How to Find Help with 3rd Grade Math Homework for Free

At the 3rd grade level math is actually quite delightful. Its simple enough that most parents don’t have any problem at all helping their children out and the hardest parts can be solved by the tap of a button or the opening of an app. If you need to get math help specifically at that level, any of the following sources can give you a great start.

Grade school education sites

These are tailored specifically for kids with all the bright colors, sounds and moving graphics to keep the attention of the modern child. Best of all, you can still use them the following year as most sites provide a pretty full curriculum of work.

Video sites

Its a good idea to let a parent check these sites out first because any old stranger can post a video and there are many people online who think it’s funny to mislead children. Thankfully there are also many talented teachers who take their spare time and upload explanation to the problems that their own students experienced. These are also available in other subjects but more people have trouble with math so those tutorials abound.

Good teachers

Children will remember their worst teachers until they die. On the bright side, they will also remember their best teachers. If your child has a good teacher, ask them what they think you should do to explain the work thoroughly when its time for homework. This is useful because there may be new rules on methods of teaching that require your child to learn the things you learned but in a way that’s unfamiliar to you.

Math games

There are a good few simple math games online that cover significant portions of the 3rd grade math curriculum. By encouraging your child to play these games you may not only help them finish homework faster, you might just encourage them to develop a passion for math. This can translate into a lucrative career or even finding solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems in the fields of science and or engineering.

These are all good methods for getting math homework help and you should avail yourself of them regularly whenever your child seems to be struggling or even before. A strong foundation in mathematics makes all later learning all the more stable.