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Dealing with Accounting Homework: a Few Useful Tips

When I was taking accounting, there was no “Excel” yet and people were proud if they had a word processor in their house, okay?

Today’s students have the benefit of accounting software, to apps that help you succeed in accounting, not to mention you no longer have to memorize the dreaded worksheets. You do not have to memorize anything, basically—the computer does that for you.

But besides technology that can help you succeed, some of the best resources to help you not only to pass accounting but to succeed in accounging and get an A—promise. If you work with these resources and, most of all, practice and practice hard, there will be no limit to the hurdles you can leap.

Accounting Websites

Based upon your class level, you can search for accounting websites that will help you and other students across the world to complete accounting debit, credit, worksheets, and to do all kinds of common tasks demanded of students in accounting classes.

Some Tips for Finding Great Help

  1. Search by the type of class—for example, make your search “course type” specific to find exactly the level and kind of help you need. For example, look for “advanced accounting college seniors” or accounting two college level.”
  2. Search for the type of issue you’re having with accounting. For example, “spreadsheet calculations” or “amounts do not match and accounting one.”

Beware of Google Scholar

You have to be careful on Google scholar. Look at an essay on say “Experiments in Methods to Teach Reading Comprehension Skills,” and they’ll only show you 1/8th of the article—which is typically just the article you need to make your paper work, and then they want you to join the MLA to the tune of thousands of dollars just to read it.

This site frequently charges exorbitant, lucrative amounts to credit cards, so like I said, do not even use it.

Instead Use Google Books and Kindle Free Unlimited

A new resources many college and graduate students are using today are the free books on virtually any subject on Kindle Free Unlimited and Googlebooks (a large website with many academic texts already scanned where you can read innumerable free scholarly resources, completely for free.

Also, try an accounting tutor or the accounting lab at your school. Both of these are wonderful resources to help you conquer accounting.