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Can I Find Answers to Physics Homework Online?


My friends, the simple answer to the question, “Can I find Physics homework answers online?” is, most certainly, yes.

How it Works

See, all teachers choose their textbook from an available pool of publishers and textbooks published in that year. One problem is that publishers are always releasing the “new, improved” version of the text to make sales, of course. However, with the frequency of new editions coming out all the time, problems in math and physics and other number-related science are typically randomly chosen from pools that all college textbooks draw from and all of these are ( or soon will be) on the web.

Finding Answers to Physics Homework Online

  1. 1. First, try Google

  2. You’ll want to approach finding homework answers for physics the same way you would find the name of a song based on a line of it you heard on the radio—put as many of the words in exact order as you can and see if it pops up. If all that pops up is the question because the text is available in eBook form, then try finding the problem with the words “with answer” at the end of your search terms.

    Another approach in Google is to look at your textbook and see what the book is calling this section of problems you are working on. Are they introductory physics formula problems or some other term you can search for online? This way, you can find very similar problems online that have already been worked out for you.

  3. 2. Next, Try YouTube for Answers and New Associates!

  4. There is all kinds of help on YouTube with physics and other difficult homework problems. First, search YouTube with keywords such as “physics homework help introductory level” or “working physics problems videos.” Find the most helpful videos you can, and then search for “more like this” or more by the same creator. Often, a creator of YouTube videos will create a whole series of educational videos that will take you through the whole semester. Also, the great thing about YouTube is it’s a great way to find a tutor, since you can comment on their video and ask them to contact you!

  5. 3. Do Your Homework as a Group with Other Members of Your Class

  6. Med students know that for your hardest classes, you want to be in a study group with the smartest kids in the class. There’s no one better to learn from than someone who is naturally versed in a subject. They probably know the best online sites to search for help from. As in life, make friends with geniuses and successful people if you want to succeed yourself.