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A School Without Homework: A Paradise Or A Useless Pastime

While most students thing that school without homework would be a paradise, we have to at exactly are the pros and cons of doing homework in school.  If schools eliminate homework all together then there might be positive and negative ramifications to this decision. To better understand how this will affect the students and the schools, you’ll need to study if it would be worth it.

Pros Of Homework

  • Homework teaches kids discipline and how to deal with responsibilities.
  • Helps them learn what they just learned in school and tells the parents what they are doing in school.
  • Homework teaches students how to manage time and organizational skills.
  • Homework helps students that struggle with taking test.
  • Homework teaches students good study habits that they will need in college.
  • Homework shows the parents what is being taught to their kids in school.

Cons Of Homework

  • Homework takes up all of the student’s free time.  That is why some students don’t do sports or other extracurricular activities because they don’t have the time to do it.
  • Some say that with obesity on the rise, having more and more homework can be a contributing factor to this because then kids can’t exercise or play sports, due to the workload.
  • A lot of homework leads to kids not getting enough sleep at night, which leads to them not being about to focus well in class the next day.
  • Homework takes time away from their family, which not only has the kids missing out but also the parents and relatives.
  • Homework can have emotional problems like frustration, depression, and some even turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with the burden of homework that they have to do.
  • Students have enough stress in their lives like trying to make friends, getting into a good school after graduation, and do a good job in school.  And homework just adds to all of this.

The reason that we have some much homework is because schools think that they have to try to catch up to other countries like China.  Some think that we should just not worry about other countries, while other believe that we should do all that we can to get ahead of other countries.  What do you think about this?

Do you really thing that it would be a paradise if students didn’t have homework or schools would be useless without homework?