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Spelling Homework Ideas: a Manual That Will Help You Succeed

Spelling is one of those topics that you will either be good at or you will struggle with. It can be a time consuming task if you struggle with it. If you can find a way to learn your spelling words faster, you will find that the homework goes much faster. There are a few different methods that are great for learning new spelling words. If you follow this simple manual, it can help you succeed at completing your spelling homework.

Here are some methods to try:

  1. Write all of your spelling words in all capital letters.

    This method can be helpful because when you write all of the letters of the word in capital letters, it makes your brain think about how to write the next letter. When you are simply copying the words down over and over, you may not be remembering them because it is natural to write in lower case letters. By writing in upper case letters, your brain is actually thinking about what letter you are writing.

  2. Break the word into parts

    Instead of trying to memorize how to spell the word as a whole, break it down into pieces. This will allow you to memorize the word easier because you won’t be so intimidated. You can remember the different parts to see how they make up the whole.

  3. Pneumonic device

    You can use a pneumonic device to remember how to spell a word that you are struggling with. For example, if you want to remember how to spell the word “receive”, you can remember a sentence that starts each word with the letter of word. “Rude elephants can’t eat in village eatery”. This is a funny sentence that you will easily remember. It is a great way to remember the spelling because you probably won’t forget your funny sentence.

  4. Writing multiples

    The more times you write out your spelling words; the better chance you will have of remembering how they are spelled. Make sure that when you are writing the words multiple times that you are saying the letters out loud as you write them. Don’t just meaninglessly write them over and over. Say the letters out loud or in your head as your write them. Repetition is a great way to memorize things.

These methods are sure to help you succeed at mastering your spelling words. Try them out and find which ones work the best for you.