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How to Cheat on Your Physics Homework: Great Tips

When it comes to homework, sometimes we are in a bind and need to find some quick tips and tricks to get the work completed. Homework is an easy way to boost your class average, and a silly way to loose points. To avoid problems that may arise from incomplete homework, we have outlined some great tips for cheating on your homework.

  1. Copy Answers: The easiest tip for cheating is good old-fashioned copying. When you do not have enough time to get your work completed, perhaps one of your classmates will have mercy on your—sharing his or her answers. Take advantage of this extra help you have around you, and use your peers to find the physics homework answers you may be missing.

  2. Copy Notes: Although this is not entirely cheating, you have not completed the work completed on your own. If your notes have some holes in them or missing sections that make completing you physics homework difficult, you can use your classmates for a source of notes.

  3. Divide Work: Sometimes a homework task can be daunting or overwhelming. When homework starts to feel like too much, we can look to our classmates to divide up work. By establishing a group, each member of the group can complete a section of the homework and share that section. Together the group will complete all of the work collaboratively.

  4. Searching Problems: When you get stuck on a physics problem, often someone has already been stuck on this problem previously. Use a search engine to type in your question(s), and see what results may be generated. You may find the answers to your questions already available online.

  5. Order Teachers’ Book: Early on in a course you can equip yourself with the teacher’s resources. Often the teacher or instructor version of a book can be found online. These teacher editions have answers and explanations already provided.

  6. Obtain Answer Key: If you have access to an answer key, then take advantage of this resource. The answer key is foolproof way to verify the answers you have provided on your physics homework assignment.

  7. Utilize Tutor: Although using a tutor is not cheating, sometimes a tutor may be willing to help you complete your work. See how “helpful” your physics tutor is with your next homework assignment.

  8. Pay Someone: As they say, money talks. If there is another student in your class that is excelling, they may be willing to get your homework completed for the right price.