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How To Deal With Tons Of Math Homework In A Matter Of Minutes

Homework is a vital component to any education even if seems like it was designed as a punishment. But in many cases, students begin to struggle at some point, especially with mathematics. When one formula or concept is not easily understood, it can interfere with the ability to get through many other formulas and concepts that follow. The reason for this is that mathematics functions as building blocks and one must understand each block in order to apply that knowledge to the next lesson. Any small hiccup in this plan can greatly interfere with the ability to move on and do well in school.

Thankfully, when you have to deal with tons of math homework in just a matter of minutes, there are a few quick tips you should follow:

  • Weigh each item and focus on the ones that impact your grade the most. If you have quiz questions and some homework both due immediately, figure out which one impacts your grade the most and do that one first. You don’t want to spend hours working on a set of homework problems if they are only worth 1% of your grade while the quiz is worth 25%.
  • Make a list of what you need to do and in what order. Again, referring to the items of most importance and weight for your grade, you want to make a list of the things you need to do and start with those that are most difficult, or weigh the most in terms of your grade. List each subsequent item as such so that you can begin marking off each item on your list one after the other. It is not true that the easiest tasks should be done first; in fact, your focus is often highest when you first start working so you want to apply your highest cognitive focus to the most difficult projects.
  • Find a quiet space that is free from distraction and begin working. Avoid listening to music with lyrics, avoid your phone, and leave your computer off if you do not need it. Having a quiet place to work with a comfortable chair and desk or table space wide enough for you to lay out your books and notes is most conducive to high productivity.

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