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Is Homework Harmful For Children: Busting The Common Myths

There has not been consensus on whether homework is good or bad to children. Children want more time to play after school. Parents are sometime faced by assignments that they cannot handle. Teachers want to ensure that children maintain their focus in academic. This means that the debate ranges on.

Why is Homework Important?

It gives the teacher an opportunity to test whether a child understood the concepts taught in school and whether he or she can apply them in other problems. It also is an opportunity for the child to exercise more and therefore not forget what is taught in school. It makes the concepts memorable and easier to understand.

Homework gives the parent a chance to participate in the academic journey of his child. By supervising or assisting the child to complete the work, the parent will identify areas of weakness and raise the concern with the teacher. The child looks upon the parent and identify another pillar of support in his academic pursuit. This is important for encouragement purposes and in ensuring that the child values education.

A few sums or questions to be completed at home teach the student valuable principles like self organization and prioritization. The pupil will allocate time to play and engage in other activities with full awareness that homework must be completed. This will help such a pupil to avoid overindulgence to the point of dismissing academic work.

Why homework is considered unnecessary?

While the teacher intends to check the independence and understanding of the student, there is no guarantee that the work will be complete by the student. This invalidates the assumption that good performance in homework will translate to better overall performance in class. Parents, siblings and the internet are sometimes used to complete the work.

A lot of work will deny the child time to explore other abilities like sports and arts. This will result in a child who is developed on one front and behind in another. It denies the society an all rounded person which is likely to affect ability and performance outside the class.

Parents have other roles to play beyond education to the child. The lack of boundary between education and parenting is likely to pile pressure on the pupil to the point of breakdown. A child should return home to a relaxed environment instead of continuing the stress related to academic work.